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Julius Agwu,Adaora Ukoh,Ngozi Ezeonu(4th from left),Jack-Rich Tein jr(celebrant),
Queen Nwokoye,Fred Amata
On the 28th of January, Nigeria witnessed the launch of the Jack Rich Tein Study Foundation(JRSTF) at the Nicon Hilton Hotel in Abuja. Gracing the occasion were Nollywood royalty, the minister of finance, top brasses and a former president. They all turned up to show their allegiance to the just cause. It also marked the birthday of the founder of the foundation of which Adaora Ukoh is the spokesperson. On the launch of the foundation, 15 students were awarded scholarships to various universities in Nigeriawhilst two lucky ones were to study abroad.
Adaora Ukoh, Ngozi Ezeonu
The foundation is looking at having 5,100 awardees come 2020. Jack Rich is a young, innovative man and to come up with this sort of foundation is worthy of emulation and admiration.  “We are strongly working on something big for TV which will also serve as an encouragement to viewers and the foundation at large” ... added Adaora Ukoh.
Adaora is also the host of Divas Dynasty which is broadcast on Sky Channel 204.

Fred Amata
Jack Rich -Tein Study Foundation shares the dream that Nigeria shall become a prosperous continent where every child will grow up with the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. Their mission is to provide access to education to financially disadvantaged but academically sound students in rural Africa and Nigeria in particular.
Our efforts primarily focus on supporting programs and projects that promote the education of the students from indigent families. We do so in the spirit of mutual respect and genuine commitment to work alongside the beneficiaries and partner organizations in and outside Nigeria.
Coming from a variety of educational and professional experiences, we share the desire to contribute to children’s future. Working together in friendship and responsibility towards one another, and fully utilizing our individual as well as collective resources, we believe that our foundation can make a real difference.

Adaora Ukoh, Julius Agwu
 Ngozi Ezeonu, Jack-Rich Tein, Queen Nwokoye


Adaora Ukoh, Jack-Rich Tein
Everyone who shares our dream and principles is invited to join JRTSF, regardless of his or her ethnicity, nationality, and political or religious persuasion and help train a child.

Mission Statement
Neighbours… Lending a helping hand through the manifestation of love.

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