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Written by Dele Onabowu   
Friday, 27 August 2010 17:00
I had the opportunity to spend a day with Adaora Ukoh ,‘the big, bold and beautiful face of Nollywood. I still find it hard to believe that she entered the industry at the tender age of fifteen, a very atypical move for a child growing up in Nigeria. At the age of fifteen, most of us lived shielded lives in the confines of our parents’ walls. I would have deemed it preposterous and quite outlandish, had anyone dared to suggest that I earned my living at the age of 15. She has been around for so long that it is hard to believe that she is still only 28. I first met her at the Auditions of Miss Elegant World 2010 in London where she was one of the judges. We got talking and i was certainly delighted when she agreed to do an interview at home.  

Adaora Ukoh at home in London

I thought it would be a great opportunity to see what the actress was really like behind all the glitz, glamour and flashing lights.
I set out to to catch her off guard by showing up 3 hours earlier than planned. She greeted me with a smiling face and by jove, she still looked great without makeup and a She even won my respect by allowing me to take photos of her without any makeup on. 
Also at home were her beautiful mother who was holidaying, her younger sister and her 3 month old niece.
Contrary to what I expected, I found Adaora really down to earth, somewhat shy and very approachable. She was such a great host that i quickly became confortable and settled in.


We spent a great deal of time talking about her acting career, ongoing and future projects while at the back of my mind, I plotted on how to get a full exposé about her often shrouded and controversial love life.
I, among many have heard untold stories and vicious rumours regarding her love life, affairs she was having and who she was doing what with. I took it upon myself to unravel the mystery surrounding her love life.  Sorry Guys! Adaora revealed that she was in a relationship and seeing some dude in the States. From the sound of it, they might be pretty serious.
 As we chatted, it came to my attention that I had watched almost all her movies without even realising that she was in them. I was talking to the lady with a thousand faces. She has the predilection of looking completely different in every movie, a good quality for an actress to possess as it depicts her versatility. The disadvantage of having such a chameleonic nature is the propensity to become almost unrecognisable to fans. We joked about this and how she needed to stick to one memorable look for the benefit of her fans. Watch out for the new Adaora coming to a screen near you.
Adaora Ukoh and Niece
L- Adaora Ukoh , R - Dele Onabowu

adaora-ukoh16 adaora-ukoh17

Besides being in london to spend some time with her sister and her new born baby, she is also here to work on a number of projects. She has a few guest appearances and shows line up.
She is a member of a UN sub charity group called THE RHEMA WOMEN EMPOWERMENT GROUP targeted towards empowering women in diaspora that are facing hardship or are out of work. In Nigeria, she is involved with PROJECT ALERT, a charity dedicated to fighting against all forms of violence against women in Nigeria.
L to R Adaorah, Theodorah Ibekwe, Veronica Conteh
At the Miss Elegant World 2010 Audition

Her TV show Divas Dynasty, debuts very soon and focuses on youth and female empowerment . It is an educative talk show with emphasis on challenges and overcoming those challenges. It teaches and encourages the youth to be strong and steadfast in all their dealings.
Many may not know that she also has her own fashion line called ADAORA in which she teamed up with a Univerity schoolmate of hers, La Diviante. They specialise in outfits for plus sized people,women, men and kids alike.
I hope that you enjoyed this piece . I'll be back as soon as i find another celeb to stalk.

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