Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Hmmmmm........... i cant seem to sleep been battling with grapsing my breath and grabbing a good sleep all to no avail. All thanks to my blocked nostrils and severe headache which is gradually turning into fever. The truth is i caught FLU, been wondering how and why? I then noticed that since i came back from my 3months break abroad Lagos especially this lekki expressway has been somewhat dusty due to the construction going on there and also i have been in close contact with AC.
Anywaizzzz... like my friend will always say I WILL GET BETTER SOON been taking lots of fluids and fruits including vitamin C my mother forced down my throat yesterday night.
Before i sign out i want to WELCOME YOU GUYZ TO MY NEW BLOG designed for me by a good friend but it took me this long to actually get on it and upload (my bad).
From the next segment i will be uploading what i call 12 RANDOM TRUTHS ABOUT ADAORA UKOH which will come in threes(3) for the nxt 2weeks.
Thanks guys for being here and please dont mind my grammar as i am not a proffessional writer.

my 1st upload and write up


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  2. I so love u Adaora...dis write up is cool, precise and simple...u dont need big grammar my dear, ur simplicity and elegance reflects in your writing...and as for the flu, dont worry, u will b out of it soon, take care love and stay put. ciao!

  3. mwah....i love u adaorah and can't wait to see your show (even though i won't be in lagos) but somehow i'll ask around.