Sunday, 19 September 2010


My saturday was quite fun as Zahra Julius Agwu , the daughter of popular ace comedian of Crack you rib show celebrated her first birthday. It was a cool evening with lots to eat and drink. What made the evening a remarkable one was watching the children run up and down having great fun, with dancing competition where i joyfully watched children boogie down to my amazement.
That actually surprised me the most as i watch kids dance at surprising different steps, wining and shaking their waste back and forth with the boys rolling on the floor, doing some Micheal Jackson moon walk and 360degree floor spin dance.
And then i wondered "where do they learn all these adult dance steps from?" Well was still pondering when i saw a man dancing real hard to win the price for his daughter who obviously had done it to that level where the parents dance step determines the price.... funny!!!! because even d parents of some of kids could not dance as good as their children....
We had enough to eat and drink as Julius served enough champagne and all sorts of drinks for the adult as much as you can take in, different kinds of dishes, small chops , asun(goat meat bbq), and suprisingly Ugba cowleg and okporoko(i.e pure igbo delicacy) well i enjoyed myself to that because its not a regular food.
The evening went down well as children ran back and forth with their ice cream, cotton sweets, cakes chocolate rolls and some their mum running helter skelter scolding to stay calm.
How beautiful is it to spend time with kids partying hard and watching them being kids!!!
uche iwuji, chidi mokeme, adaora ukoh, mike ezuronye
i and frank okamigbo(frank papas)

HAPPY 1st birthday Zahra Julius Agwu.
uche iwuji, julius agwu, me, mrs agwu, sis and celebrant

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  1. Hey! I didn't know you had a blog... I'll most definitely be checking here often and placing a link on my site! Nice pics. You look radiant!