Saturday, 18 September 2010


YAP guyz on sunday 12th september my beautiful lil niece had her baby dedication and baptism done in their church ...ANGLICAN  CHURCH OF NATIVITY  in banana island in parkview lagos.
It was quite a wonderful outing ceremony with close friends and family in attendance. After the dedication and thanksgiving ceremony we waited after the church service to have her baptism done with a full recital service. The vicar made us(her GODPARENTS) understand the responsibilities of being a GODPARENT. In his words "this is the tyme where you take up the responsibility of always looking out for this child and making sure you bring her to church everyday and make sure she grows responsibility because the parents holds you in high esteem to give you this great responsibility, please do not just be a chocolate, cake , biscuits , or jollof rice GODPARENTS" That was quite funny.....
Well the day went on well after which pics were taken and we moved on to the house where we entertained our guest to enough food, drinks and small chops of all kinds.
Most of my guest came except for some of my colleagues of which are few that i invited and they dint turn up.
at the long run we had a fufilling day .... here are the footages of some of the pics.

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